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Spring 2024 Fabric Introductions

Updated: 52 minutes ago

Vol. 1 Issue. 1

May 2024

By: Bonita Julius

New Spring Fabric Introductions

Spring is officially here! Which means our beautiful summer is quickly approaching. If you have been to Whitefish in the winter, you are no stranger to shades of gray.  Hues of pewter, slate, silver, charcoal, etc., cover the valley and mountains with moody weather and (more often than not) thick fog.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our achromatic winters, but something should be said about Spring. With the change of the seasons, we are energized with all the new life and bursting colors! There is a shift in energy as the days get longer and the sun invigorates and revitalizes our minds. In the design world, this is the time of new product releases, design rep visits, and furniture market openings.  

This spring, we are captivated by vibrant colors, daring patterns, exquisite embroideries, and substantial textures! What better way to showcase these than fabrics? The most intriguing aspect of fabric we as designers find fascinating is its individuality. Each fabric is a distinct expression, a personal connection, and a narrative waiting to be unveiled.  Here are a few new fabrics that have been sparking my creativity!  


Sweet: Soft, playful colors coordinate, while structured and organic lines complement each other. 

Striking: Rich embroideries embody heavy texture as electric colors make a heavy impact!  

Serene: Muted tones and neutral grounds evoke a calming and relaxing sensation. 

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